Walks and Talks - Logistics

When we talked about about walking/running/whatever 10 miles and fitting lighting talks in at each mile post, I figured it would be maybe a couple of people. Rather, it looks like we might just have a nice sized group of people showing up on Sunday morning!

Here is the trailhead - There is small parking lot here.

There is another parking lot here

Here is the route in Classic Google Maps

Here is the entire route via Garmin showing elevation

WE START OUT OF THE TRAILHEAD AT 0800 sharp on Sunday 10/20, rain, snow, or shine. Dress accordingly. Bring drinks and food to your taste as well.

  • 10 miles, 10 minute lightning talks at every 1 mile checkpoint. That’s 10 miles, 10 people presenting. If we have 20 people, then it is two presenters per checkpoint.
  • No props, unless you carry it with you.
  • All topics are open, just be passionate about it, sell it, and make us know why you chose your topic.
  • Pace doesn’t matter.
  • Time doesn’t matter.
  • Teams are only as good as the collective, so we will wait for everyone at each and every checkpoint before starting anything.
  • For each talk, in true stand up fashion, everyone shares one thing they liked, one thing to improve upon, and we’re off to the next checkpoint.

Again, we’re assuming a lot of great conversations will happen during the jaunt between checkpoints.

See you there!