Weird Is the One Thing You've Got Going for You

I saw this morning that Seth Godin’s next book is titled:

We’re All Weird

Weird is new and weird is why this world is a great place to be.

Godin has always embraced different ways of doing things, challenging the status quo, and going his own way. He’s the ringmaster in the creative tent, paving the way for people to do things their own way, whenever they choose to do so.

The thing that strikes me about him and his writing is that he is so very unassuming, so very simple. So how is it that something so simple always feels like a jolt when you read it for the first few times?

Because simple is so very hard.

What he is challenging people to do is very hard for them to accept. Simply go out and do. Seth would say not to listen to the lizard brain that says “but you’re weird, that idea is weird, its all so weird”.

It is a scary thing to be prodded into simple action; go build something, go do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do. Do something remarkable; be someone remarkable. That is a massive challenge.

But you could just go do it. You could be weird.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

I remember how weird it seemed when the first iPhone came out with its singular button. How weird the touchscreen typing seemed to be. I guess it is still really weird to have to pay so much for SMS messages, that is still not terribly self-evident to me.

Today the button just is, and we really don’t use it much. The keyboard? Nobody is pining to go back to a separate pull out keyboard are they? Well, okay, BlackBerry users are, but they are a dwindling bunch, no?

Facebook just changed its UI today. Everyone is screaming how weird the new layout is, the noise in there is deafening: “Stop the change”, “Bring back the old”, “we hate this”, ad nauseam.

The new layout just is. Within a month, the change will be all but forgotten and accepted for what it is, the Facebook layout.

When VHS faded into DVDs, streaming movies were beyond our comprehension. When streaming started to happen in music and moves, it seemed weird to not have physical copies of your own. I paid for it, I need a “physical” copy!

In short order, we’ll see that our misuse of the term “physical” isn’t what people have been thinking. Streaming won’t be weird any longer, it will just be.

Weird is simply the starting point of something else. It is difficult to stay weird forever. Weird is a transitional state. Things very often go from weird straight to accepted.

People meet, its weird, and they move into another phase. One blurts out an honest  idea and a relationship moves from weird to brilliant in the sharing of a single pint.

Weird is what we all bring to the table. Weird is new and hopefully, we all have new things in spades. New ideas, new experiences, new friendships.

If you’re afraid of being weird, you’re just afraid of new, afraid of change, afraid of the inevitable.

New is going to happen; you may as well be a part of it. Be weird and be you, because most problems, most businesses, and most people need more weird in a bad way.

Either way, you’d still be weird anyway.