On Pairing

I admit, our team has not pushed pair programming, we’ve just paid it lip service at some level. Guilty.

The horror

Then, it just starts happening. I get the call to pair up, so I think, “sure, let’s do this.”

In a matter of 15 minutes my partner shows me a new way of thinking about class responsibility in C# that I should have realized long ago; it was so obvious!

We plowed through a bunch of ideas, broke for recess and completed what we intended. The big win for me however, is that I carry that experience learned to the next project. In fact, I reused the technique just later that afternoon.

I was later recounting the experience with Matt Otto (@matthewotto) and we were talking about how we used to pair up on problems. Not officially pairing as it has come to be known today, but nevertheless, there was that back and forth validation of what the core problem is and how best to tackle it.

That’s when it hit me:

pairing is about real time idea exchange and validation of the solution path

This has probably been said before, and like my ability to keep up with movies, I’m probably a bit behind the times, but better late than never.