Do or Do Not

Sometimes the hardest thing to change is what is right in front of you; some things are so close, it is hard to even notice their current state.

Perhaps at the core of focus is what are you doing today and why?

I hate to use such a terminal example, but if I am not here tomorrow, what then? Will I hold the line? Or will I move the chains forward?

Some days it seems that our team is beset on all sides with things that simply do not add value in the long run, call it white noise.

Some days I simply tune everything else out, and focus on that one thing that I know when completed will bring the most value. It’s difficult. It takes discipline. Sometimes I fear I will inevitably ignore something that really does need attention, but that has not happened yet, and the feeling of good progress keeps me focusing on value.

Doing this exercise is addicting. Making progress against those highest value items is downright invigorating. It keeps the outlook positive.

Let’s make a conscious effort to choose what we do and why. Focus and do.