Reflections on the Birth of PSC or "We're Going to Build Something This Winter"

Tuesday night we met to lay down the initial groundwork for the Pittsburgh Software Craftsmanship guild.

First, topics that are on the table:

  • Ruby
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • SharePoint
  • Lightning talks on whatever is hot at the moment
  • Homework (yes)

Most importantly, all agreed that we should actually build something. This really resonates with me. The thing I don’t get about tutorials, katas and the like is that they are often based on something I struggle to relate to, as in “okay, why would I ever do this?” This point seems to be the big differentiator to me that other groups do not purport to do.

We talked about transferring what we know to some of the things we want to learn too; like if I needed a service to do something, I could probably write that in C# in an evening, but I might really struggle to do so in another language. What if I just built it in what I know and then used that as a tool to rewrite in say, Ruby?

At the end of the day, though, it’s all about building, learning and transferring that learning experience to the other members. I know if I sit down with someone, I’m going to learn, period.

Of course, I fully believe in:

Those who can, build. Those who can, do.

What are we building? Well, we haven’t gotten that far, but lots of ideas were floating around. We talked about everything being done already, but then┬árealized, it is all about timing anyway. Regardless, its sure to have a web front door, services, device clients, etc, leaving us lots of room to experiment and build things out where we might have an interest in any given technology.

Second, location is still under investigation. Being able to order a beer would be a definite nice to have. If you have ideas, let us know. We met in Oakland for this first meeting and we’ll try hard to keep it central.

Third, we’re having it the first Monday of every month: 17:30-19:30. Monday can be tough, so this will give us something to look forward to.

I came home pretty high from this meeting. I do want to build something and I have had trouble learning new things lately. This will push me, I’m already sure of it.

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More to come…