Everything and Nothing

It is unfortunate. It is deplorable. It is embarrassing. It is true.
When customers demand everything, they get exactly nothing.
You can’t go to the BMW dealership and demand a minivan or a truck; its entirely out of the question. So too should “all” be out of scope for whatever development we’re doing. I’m reminded of this when projects come along that must be “all complete” before a single line of code is deployed to production. There is no budging. No changing the project scope. No slicing the project into smaller and more manageable chunks. There is no progress either. In this day and age of agile, iterative development, teams simply do not know where to begin with a project scope so wide and so vague. They struggle to slice things into some logical flow of attack and work against a show and tell that never happens. And all the while, the world is also changing, perhaps silently altering that very scope that could not be changed whether the product owner likes it or not. While developers need to be agile and adapt to changing business needs, so does theĀ ever-important product manager. By working together, we can get there, and get there faster.