A Few Books That Will Always Hold a Place on My Bookshelf

In no particular order, and only because these are on my mind at the moment:

Generation Kill Evan Wright

I’ll never personally know the hell we put our kids through in the name of defending this great nation. Books like this one put me so close to the pain, I could never be the same.

Getting Real Rework Jason Fried and DHH

I’ve never had a budget, I have always thought the user was key, and I have always focused on the product. Every sentence in these books validates these beliefs.

The Passionate Programmer Chad Fowler

I love what people do with technology. It is easy to see who has a passion for what they do, and those who do not. I make this required reading for every developer I want to see consistently evolving and being great at their career.

Code Complete Steve McConnell

If you write code, this book needs no introduction. I currently own three copies, although I can only find two.

A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole

We ought to all have a crazy streak. I need to figure out who I lent this to and ask them to return it to its rightful owner.

Legacy Code Michael Feathers

Legacy code has nothing to do with age but all to do with maintainability. Mr. Feathers has made me a believer in having to have proper test coverage for my code.

Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug

I like simple. The power of simple design elements never occurred to me until I read this great analysis of common web designs.