2010: What Is True and What Is False

I’m a big fan of lists and this is the time of year for them.

Here is what will be true in the coming year:

  • Execution. I’ve pushed a lot of ideas at work, now it comes down to getting things done. I’ll be taking the course of asking forgiveness rather than permission. I’ve always been a fan of this path, I’m not sure how I fell off it, but here’s to getting back on course.
  • Release something into production with Ruby, even if it is just tests against a production .net assembly. There’s been so much buzz about Ruby, and Mr. Otto just won’t stop talking about it, so I feel like I need to see for myself.
  • Develop something in Sharepoint 2010. The buzz here is good and bad. My own limited experiences with Sharepoint are actually very good; we are using it a department/project tool and Sharepoint is “just enough but not too much” in terms of features and administration. I assume those developers complaining about this product have never been a .NET programmer stuck in Oracle hell.
  • Make it to a conference every six months. I’m so excited to go to Codemash, I’d like to keep the momentum going. I’m loving the monthly local Pittsburgh ALT.NET meetings, I’ll continue to support it any way I can.
  • Take my photography to the next level with a D300s, maybe¬† a D700 if I hit the lottery.
  • I’ll go to even fewer movies than I did in 2009, much to my wife’s chagrin. My home setup is simply better, cheaper and more comfortable than any theater experience.

Here is what will not be true in 2010:

  • Social Business. The workplace will continue to not understand social media and how to harness its power. Perhaps it is just me, but I’d go so far to say that most people just don’t get Twitter and how to use it effectively. Tell me something interesting, something I need to look at, or something otherwise worth spending 140 characters on. Developers like @shanselman and @codinghorror keep me real time with what is going on as a developer. There are literally thousands of devs (or photographers, drummers, cooks, etc) that you could be following and learning something from - you could even make those people an easy to follow list.
  • I’ll have more time to read. My current book backlog is massive and ever growing. I can’t see it getting smaller any time soon.
  • Elimination of the commute. Biggest waste of time, ever. We can send people to the moon, but I have to spend 90 minutes in the car every day? Meh.
  • The economy will recover. False; I think it has farther to go before we see true recovery. Sites like fivethirtyeight.com, nakedcapitalism.com, marginalrevolution.com and The Big Picture continue to show in great detail why the current administration and the Fed’s monetary policy are fundamentally flawed. This administration will continue to not support and essentially inhibit free market capitalism where they may.
  • Change. We haven’t seen it, in fact, we’ve seen just a continuation of GWB’s policies on almost every front. Continued troop deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and a explosion of government spending. Nothing has changed from here in the trenches, except maybe the white house getting a fantastic PR department.

Sorry for the political bent, but it had to be said. Happy 2010!